How to look after your latex


  • Use talc or a water based lubricant on your skin before trying to get into your latex garment. Excess pulling and tugging can cause rips or distortion
  • Talc the inside of your latex garment after you’re finished using it.
  • Polish your latex to nourish the latex and maintain the shine.
  • Wash your latex in very diluted soapy water (washing up liquid is fine) and dry with a towel after use (Important: our garments are NOT machine washable or able to go in the Tumble Dryer)
  • Contact us if you’re unsure of anything


  • Snagging on sharp objects
  • Leaving latex in contact with metals – even press studs – this can discolour the latex
  • Leave in direct sunlight
  • Burn with a cigarette
  • Pull with long nails
  • Let jewellery snag the latex
  • Oil based products – keep your latex garment AWAY from any oils, grease etc. This can damage the seams.
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