Beginners Tips for Putting on Latex Clothing

So you’ve got your shiny new outfit, great! Now it’s time think about putting on your latex clothing without damaging it. Latex is fabulous but remember, latex can be delicate if handles incorrectly. As we always say with latex aftercare, if looked after correctly, latex will last a very long time. For tips on what to avoid during latex aftercare, please see our previous blog.

Putting on Latex Clothing Tip 1 – Cover your floors!

Dressing aids are slippy! You do not want to get them on your floors, especially hard floors. Lubricated floors are extremely dangerous and asking for an accident. Whether you are using talcum powder or a latex dressing aid, put a towel or an old bed sheet down. This simple step could prevent a trip to A&E!

Tip 2 – Figure out what is going where

Before slipping into your shiny new outfit, it’s a good idea to take a good look at it. Getting a grasp of where the closures and seams go will make it much easier. Adjusting to get seams in the correct place AFTER the fact is time consuming and difficult. We highly recommend having a good look and familiarising yourself with the outfit before attempting to put it on. For example, with a catsuit, figuring out if the zip is at the back or front and seeing where the seams and style lines are meant to sit.

Tip 3 – Time to get slippy

The fun begins! Lubricate the inside as your latex garment as well as your skin if need be (personal preference). Make sure you’re only using latex friendly products for your lubrication. Absolutely do not use baby oil! Only silicone or water based lubricants. Talcum powder is also totally fine – unscented.  Vivishine and Pjur have a good range of dressing aids.

Tip 4 – Slide in to your Latex Clothing

Alas, the best part of the journey is here. Actually sliding into your latex garment. How exciting! In your excitement do not forget the golden rules about “things to avoid“. So absolutely no sharps! This includes long nails and jewellery. A snag could damage your outfit. If you have sharp nails we recommend to try wearing non-latex gloves when getting into your outfit.

Remember to slide your outfit on as opposed to yanking it up. This is why its helpful to have the seams etc in the right place before getting into your latex garment.

Tip 5 – The first time is going to be difficult!

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Latex can be tricky. Stay calm! It gets easier! The nature of latex is it is skin tight. Give yourself time and do not get flustered. The more times your practice, the easier it will get.

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